Stay in touch even outside the office

A good patient relationship extends beyond a good office visit and timely appointment reminders. Communication between office visits is key to staying top of mind with your patients. With several custom branded pre-written email campaigns, from trunk shows to happy birthday greetings, Prime Nexus makes staying in touch easier than ever.

Enhance patient experience and loyalty

By educating and engaging your patients, you’re improving their experience. This contributes to increased patient retention and revenue per patient. Maybe you want to tell them about the symptom(s) of dry eye and their options for treating it. You can also notify them of special offers like, “Buy a pair of new glasses and get 25% off a pair of sunglasses.”

Personalize it

Tailor your message based on your patient demographics. If a patient wears glasses, would they be interested in switching to contacts? Maybe your presbyopia patients would like to know about multi-focal contact lenses.

Reach the right patients

With Prime Nexus, you can select various filters for each of your email campaigns, allowing you to target specific customer segments with the right message. For example, you may want to introduce the benefits of 1-day lenses to teens.

Keep your appointment book full, automatically manage patient communication and improve office efficiency, all with one solution.

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