Go beyond text notifications with Patient Chat

Easily communicate with your patients by text, straight from your computer.

Easily text your patients from your computer

Acting as an extension of Prime Nexus, Patient Chat allows you to send text messages to patients straight from your computer. Find patients in your EHR by searching their name or typing in a cell number to text someone new.


Consolidate text messages into one conversation

With the new Prime Nexus patient chat feature, text replies will appear in the chat app instead of in an email notification. You can quickly flip between different patient conversations or filter by practice location.

See relevant patient information at a glance

Patient information is pulled from your EHR to display alongside your chat conversation. This way, you know who you are talking to and whether they have an appointment scheduled or balance due.


Automated out of office notices

Office closed or out for lunch? Set the chat app to automatically send out of office messages so patients know if answers will be delayed.

Quickly send replies with 1-click messages

Set up prewritten messages so you have an easy way to send answers to frequently asked questions like, where to book an appointment online or what your office hours are.


Want to check it out?

Patient Chat is an included feature of our patient relationship solution, Prime Nexus. Sign in and turn it on today.

Keep your appointment book full, automatically manage patient communication and improve office efficiency, all with one solution.

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