How to Install Patient Chat

Patient Chat is a free, included feature of Prime Nexus. Once enabled, patient text messages will appear in Patient Chat for you to easily converse via text, straight from your computer. Follow the instructions below to turn it on.

Please contact your support rep or call the support line at (866) 575-3937 if you need assistance installing.

Turn Patient Chat On

Navigate to Messaging > Notifications > Settings

You will see a new section called “Patient Chat Service.” Simply toggle this to “On”

You will then be prompted to create a login for this service

Create A Shared Account

The Patient Chat service uses one general login for all users

  • This is separate from your login to Prime Nexus
  • Choose an email address that is readily accessible by the staff
  • Choose a password that can be shared among the staff

Download & Install

After the general account is created, you will have the option to download the Patient Chat installer

Simply click the button to start the download

Once the installer file is on your computer, open it to install Patient Chat

You may see an alert to confirm installation, simply click “allow” or “yes”


Success! Sign in to get started

The first time you open Patient Chat, you will be prompted to log in with the general account that was previously created.

That’s it! Now if any patients were to reply to an automatic text message sent by Prime Nexus, the responses will appear in the Patient Chat app.

Easily text your patients from your computer

Consolidate text messages into one conversation

See relevant patient information at a glance

Send automated out of office notices

Instantly send replies with quick responses

Keep your appointment book full, automatically manage patient communication and improve office efficiency, all with one solution.

Get automated reminders, Patient Chat and more with Prime Nexus

See what a patient relationship management system can do for you.