Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a setup fee?

No. WebSystem3 offers complete setup for your office at no charge. Setup includes Facebook integration, software installation, technical support, and training for the office staff.

Do you offer an unlimited voice and text messaging plan?

Yes, WebSystem3 offers an unlimited voice and text messaging plan. It is an outstanding value and the plan that most offices select.

Do you offer discounts for any affiliations?

Yes, we offer discounts for offices that work with any of our affiliates. If you would like a list of theses affiliates, please feel free to contact us and request that information.

Do you offer discounts for multiple office locations?

Yes, additional office locations can be added at a discount.

Is your pricing based on the number of doctors?

WebSystem3 has a flat fee for each office location. Each office location can have up to 6 doctors listed. If your office has more than 6 doctors, we recommend opening an additional WebSystem3 account.

Is there a limit on how many email reminders I can send?

No, all plans include unlimited email reminders.

How do I benefit if I use CooperVision contact lenses in my practice?

CooperVision has a rebate discount program based on quarterly contact lens purchase volume. Please contact your CooperVision representative to see if you qualify.

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