Launch Kit – Digital Assets

Thanks for being a LensFerry S customer. Our digital assets are designed to help you advertise LensFerry S to your patients.

Introduction to LensFerry S Video

Run time: 1 minute

Content: Quick introduction of how LensFerry S works for patients.

Youtube link:

Video loop:

Point of Sale Materials

Here are some prewritten point of sale materials you can use to advertise LensFerry S to your patients. Simply download and print additional copies to hand out.


5″ x 7″ flyer: download


16″ x 20″ counter mat insert: download


24″ x 78″ banner stand: download

Digital Assets


Prewritten Social Posts: download


300 x 179px banner: download


960 x 300px banner: download

Download logo: EPS  |  PNG

Pricing Templates & Sales Tools

Customize these templates with your most frequently fitted products. Use the custom quick reference guide when talking to patients about LensFerry S.


Monthly price template: download


Monthly vs Annual Guide: download

Key LensFerry S Talking Points: download

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Patient Relationship Management

WebSystem3 is a cloud-based patient relationship management system that enables optometrists to connect with their patients seamlessly with integrated marketing and automation.


LensFerry S is a contact lens subscription service that provides patients with a convenient, reliable and automatic way to purchase 1-day lenses from their doctor and have them shipped to their home.

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Our Reach and Premier digital marketing services allow doctors to improve their online presence and easily connect with today’s busy, informed, digitally empowered consumers.