How to add images to custom campaign templates

  1. Ensure the image you would like to add is in a file format accepted by Prime Nexus (JPEG, PNG, GIF). This is displayed after your file name – ex. EyeCarePrime.png
  2. If it is not in one of these formats, you can use a third party service to help you convert your original file type – ex.
    PDF to PNG
    Word to PNG

    As a general rule, never upload anything that would include patient details.
  3. Next, click the image button shown here:
  4. Choose “upload”, an option shown across the top of the page
  5. Click “choose file” and select the file you have saved as one of the acceptable formats
  6. Click “Send it to the server” and you will see the file upload successfully

    (Note the preview may look distorted or stretched but not to worry, it will look better soon)
  7. Click “OK” and you have successfully added your image! Now you can center the image, add more content or finalize your template, congrats!

Tips for reducing no shows

Tips for Reducing No Shows

No shows can be inconvenient and frustrating for optometry offices and their staff. Here are some tips for reducing no shows with Prime Nexus.

Use automatic appointment reminders – Automatic appointment reminders save staff time, reduce human error and leave a trail of data to track communications between the office and patients. Automatic reminders give you the ability to track if, when and how patients are getting reminders. When they confirm, Prime Nexus will allow you to see exactly how they are confirming.

Use multiple reminders – Reminders sent to patients who scheduled an appointment in advance can be very effective. Typically, if an appointment was scheduled the previous year, offices remind patients a month in advance, but that may not be enough. Sending multiple reminders throughout that month will help notify patients that the appointment is approaching. Prime Nexus provides the option to skip certain messages if the appointment was already confirmed. This helps maintain the balance of messaging patients who need extra reminders but not over-messaging those who already confirmed.

Keep a wait-list – If an office is booked out for a long period of time, scheduling patients quickly might not be an option. Keep the wait-list for patients trying to get in as soon as possible and consider utilizing Open Seat in Prime Nexus.

Adding appointment booking to Facebook & Google

Adding Appointment Reminder to FB & Google






Updating Book Appointment Button on Facebook:

  • Go to office Facebook page
  •  Locate the top bar, directly below the cover photo
  •  Hover over “book now” button
  • Click “edit button” -> book with you -> book now -> link to Prime Nexus booking link -> finish

Book Now Button

Removing WS3 tabs from Facebook:

If you previously utilized WebSystem3 you may still have custom tabs on the left hand side of your FRemove WS3 tab from Facebookacebook page. Instructions to hide those tabs:

  • Go to office Facebook page
  •  Click “settings” (top right)
  •  Click “edit page” -> you will see all tabs listed out
  •  You can press “settings” of each tab, slide any old WS3 tab to read “off”
  •  Make sure you press save for each


Adding Book Appointment Button on Google MyBusiness:

  • Navigate to your Google MyBusiness Listing (
  • Click “info”
  •  You will see the option to edit your practice info -> navigate to the website section
  •  Paste Prime Nexus booking link in “Appointment URL” sectionGoogle MyBusiness Book Appointment Button

If you utilize the Premier or Reach digital marketing programs, your rep will be able to assist you with updating your links across your online listings.